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Connect your existing phone systems, cell phones and soft phones – then start calling, tracking and converting today.

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Empower Your Telephone Sales Operation with our cloud-based phone system, call recording and analytics platform.

Real Time Tracking

Immediately communicate with your customer with email follow-up.

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Real Time Recording

Coach and counsel your staff. Improve customer service. Easily review calls, score them and forward notes from these calls.

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Reverse Call Lookup

Automatically supplies callers’ phone number, date/time stamp, Name, Address, City, State, Zip, and more.

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Reporting Suite

Up to 11 informative reports to choose from. Listen to recorded calls. Email a note with a recorded call. Review and utilize the information captured with the premium reverse call lookup.

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The fastest growing mode of communication, and you can track it all with TeleTracker’s available texting features.

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The ability to put your sales team in contact with a leads within minutes while they’re still on your website.

Yard Signs

For Sale yard signs are one of the most powerful real estate marketing tools available – and probably the most underutilized. Turn your yard signs into buyer lead generators. Advertise the number and a unique code on your yard sign. Callers choose to hear a pre-recorded property tour message, receive a text link to the property or speak with an agent. Now you have a cell phone number plus name, address, city, state & zip. Call them. Text them. Mail them. Market them.

Integration or API

Manage your phone and text traffic from within your CRM. TeleTracker offers free integrations with Oplogic, Infusionsoft, Top Producer, VIN Technologies, eLeads CRM, Dealer e-Process, and more.

Never Miss a Lead

TeleTracker is a cloud-based virtual call recording, texting and media analysis system.

Get national toll-free and local numbers that track your advertising and marketing campaign phone and text activity.

Incoming or outgoing calls are optionally recorded so that you can:

  • Capture a prospective client’s call or text and get their contact information
  • Review and improve the cost effectiveness of your advertising and marketing campaigns in terms of calls generated.
  • Record the calls for improved coaching and counseling of your team on their telephone communication skills.

All done via your own secure website with UNLIMITED MINUTES and NO special equipment needed.

We can have your website set-up and tracking activity the same-day.

No Special Equipment Required.

No long-term Contract. Cancel within a month.

TeleTracker is free for the first month. This will help you get started.

Introduction Video

Watch this short video to learn more about how TeleTracker can help your business. Then click below to try it out for yourself on a free live demo!

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Numerous No-Charge Features

  • 24/7 Support
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited Seats and Users
  • Premium Level Reverse Lookup
  • Choice of toll-free or local numbers (or any mixture)
  • Basic Auto Attendant
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail notification via email
  • Missed call notification via email
  • Call Received notification via email
  • Call Blocking
  • Scorecard call templates
  • Notes section for each recorded conversation
  • email link of recorded calls and notes
  • Whisper Message
  • Free number porting
  • 1st month FREE
  • Assign different access level to users
  • Integration w/ Infusionsoft, Top Producer, VIN Solutions & more
  • Inbound Call Recording – record both sides or just your company’s side of the conversation
  • Play a custom greeting or custom outgoing message
  • Call forwarding up to 100 numbers
  • Ring strategies (simultaneous ring, round robin, or to voicemail)
  • Required PIN entry for sales agent tracking
  • Call Confirmation that requires # entry to accept call
  • Open vs Closed Hours w/ different ring strategies for each
  • “This call may be recorded” prompt –or not
  • Play warning beep while recording –or not
  • Reporting with numerous Call Status codes
  • ROI Reporting
  • Unlimited and Custom GoToMeeting training for your team
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