We're A Cloud-Based Call Recording And Media Analysis System

Our services help optimize your lead generation, so you can grow sales while spending less on advertising.

About TeleTracker

Since 1996, TeleTracker has been moving quickly to provide phone call tracking services that help clients track their communications and figure out what makes their phone ring. One of the first call tracking companies to not require on-site PBX hardware, our cloud-based communication platform offers a comprehensive set of capabilities that start immediately and don’t require any special hardware or additional startup costs. In fact, the first month is NO CHARGE with UNLIMITED MINUTES to help you get started.

TeleTracker helps data-driven marketers optimize the performance of their marketing efforts, increase sales effectiveness, and improve customer satisfaction. Also, we make it easy for our clients to attract new customers by focusing on the advertising and marketing campaigns that are the “Most Cost Effective” in generating new leads and customers.

Our goal is to help our clients to stop losing customers and gain new ones. We feel that it is equally important to assist our clients from losing potential customers by providing services and products that make it easy to listen to their callers requirements, as well as to coach and counsel their employees with the right words and phrases that will results in more sales.

Our employees have a focused combination of experiences, talents and capabilities that allow TeleTracker, LLC to provide solutions that meet the needs of your business. In addition, we are also willing to provide our clients with custom solutions that exactly meet their requirements, such API interfaces with CRM and software application packages, Auto Attendant functionality, Score Card call templates, and more.

We proudly work in partnership with our clients to produce excellent customer relationships and business results. Please give us a call to further discuss your requirements.

No Contract to Get Started!

Try TeleTracker free for the first month while you maximize sales, streamline advertising, and deliver better service. There’s no contract to get started. It comes with UNLIMITED MINUTES. And no special equipment is needed.

Try It for 30 Days

Get Numbers Quickly

We’ll search for the best available number that fit your specifications. Then we can get you set-up and tracking the activity in the same­day.

Dynamic Number Insertion

Insert one of your tracking phone numbers automatically to follow this customer through the sales funnel.

Premium Info on the Caller

Reverse call lookup automatically supplies callers’ phone number, date/time stamp, Name, Address, City, State, Zip, and more.

CRM Integration that is Push/Pull

Manage your phone and text traffic from within your CRM. TeleTracker offers free integrations with Infusionsoft, Top Producer, VIN Technologies and more.

Record Phone Calls

Coach and counsel your staff. Improve customer service. Easily review calls, score them and forward notes from these calls.

Real Time Call Tracking

Measure phone call conversions from all your marketing sources.

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