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Real Estate

Get more qualified leads for your real estate business.

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  • TeleTracker helps elevate your real estate business into a lead generation machine.
  • Funnel all your communication channels into one platform.
  • Never miss a call or text again! Your clients will appreciate you and your team’s responsiveness!

Make sure your marketing actually generates leads for your team

  • Use our Inbound Analytics product to determine exactly what advertising source generates calls and texts, and which ones do not.

  • Use that data to make adjustments to your campaigns, resulting in more performant ads and more efficient spending.

  • Increase sales and revenue with a marketing program that performs better overall.

Keep track of all of your conversations in the office or on the go

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  • Talk to leads or customers using their preferred communication medium: call, text, email or chat.

  • TeleTracker’s Teams help your agents be the best they can be by being attentive to your leads, responding to them quickly.

  • Make each customer feel like they’re your only customer!

TeleTracker makes your yard signs callable and textable

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  • Yard signs are a proven method to generate qualified leads.

  • Make them better by routing your calls or texts directly from the yard sign to an agent that can handle inquiries for that property.

  • Combine Yard Signs with our Omnichannel Communications product, and your agents can answer calls or texts from yard signs quickly, no matter where they are.

Once you generate a lead, handle it like a pro!

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Answer calls, texts, chats and emails no matter where you or your team members are.

Use advanced routing to make sure somebody on your team answers.

If you do miss a call, our software is designed to keep your team organized so you return calls and respond to messages quickly.

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