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Integrator Authentication

We have a special API access level for enterprise-level customers, partners, and third party vendors who have a large amount of shared customers with us. Integrators are specialized users that are not associated with any specific account. Instead, an integrator user has a list of allowed accounts that it is permitted to interact with.

How to Become an Integrator

Please contact our sales team directly.

How to use Integrator Authentication

To use the REST API as an Integrator, you must pass along an Authorization header just like you would do for standard Basic Authentication. Instead of using the word “Basic”, you would replace it with the word “Integrator”. The hash value is encoded the exact same way as standard Basic authentication. You must use your integrator username and password.

Unfortunately, this means that you will most likely need to add this header manually to your HTTP client library since it will expect to add “Basic” in the header instead of the word “Integrator”. The way you do this is to generate a string that contains your username, a colon “:”, and your password, then base64 encode it. The string, before encoding, would look like this:

Once you encode that string and create a header, it would look like this

Authorization: Integrator dGVzdEB1c2VyLmNvbTp0ZXN0cGFzc3dvcmQ=
curl -H 'Authorization: Integrator dGVzdEB1c2VyLmNvbTp0ZXN0cGFzc3dvcmQ=' \
{"success": true, "data": [ ... ]}

When you authenticate as an Integrator, you are required to specify an account_id paramater in every API request to us. Since integrators have special access to multiple accounts, we must know what account id you wish to perform the API operation under. The operation will fail otherwise.