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Initiate RapidResponse

This endpoint triggers the RapidResponse system for your account to tie into forms on your website or other lead collection mechanisms. Once you have collected a name, phone number and a basic interest statement about your lead, you can trigger RapidResponse to get a user/agent on the line, then call the lead.

API Request

URL Parameters
Request Parameters
Parameter Type Usage Description
whisper_text string Required The text that will be synthesized and read aloud to your users.
callee string Required The phone number of the lead to call, in 10 digit or E.164 format.
callprocess_id integer Optional Specificy the call process on your account to explicitly use. Specify this if you have more than one call process.
account_id integer Depends Specify the account id explicitly to send the text using this account. Optional for users. Required for integrators.
Response Body
   "guid": "9bd07e1e-aeae-4036-a74f-f7924a4733bc",
   "success": true,
      "callprocess_id": 802931,
      "step_order": 1,
      "creation_date": "2018-04-17T16:22:23.223Z",
      "callqueue_status": "processing",
      "lead_numtocall": "+15045551234",
      "whisper_text": "John Doe is interesting in selling his home. He lives in the Uptown neighborhood.",
      "callqueue_id": 283062

A successful result means that the RapidResponse processor has picked up this job and will start dialing your users based on the rules in your call process right away.

Error Code Description
DUPLICATE_QUEUE_ENTRY You have attempted to initiate RapidResponse for the same callee within the hour.
INVALID_PHONENUMBER The calleeā€™s phone number is invalid.
INVALID_CALLPROCESS The specified call process id value is not valid on your account.
INVALID_ACCOUNT The account id, if specified, is not valid or you do not have access to it.