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Queue SMS for Later

This endpoint allows you to queue an SMS message to a recipient for delivery at a later date. All of the same rules apply for sending an SMS, except that the message will be sent at the specified later date.

If you specify a send_date that is in the past, the text message will be sent immediately. You will receive a response with the sendType variable set to “immediate”.

API Request

URL Parameters
Request Parameters
Parameter Type Usage Description
to_number string Required A phone number in 10 digit or E.164 format
payload string Required The SMS message to send.
send_date string Required An ISO 8601 formatted datetime string that represents when the text should be sent. Make sure to include timezone
account_id integer Depends Specify the account id explicitly to send the SMS using this account. Optional for users. Required for integrators.
user_id integer Optional Associate the SMS with this user and attempt to use the user’s number as the SMS from number.
pin integer Optional Alternatively, specify the user with the PIN instead of user_id.
from_number string Optional Specify the form number directly. This must be an active line on your account.
extra object Optional A JSON string containing any key:value pairs that you want to get sent back to you via the Push or RealTime API. See notes for extra data.
Response Body
   "success": true,
   "guid": "e65be1aa-8b44-402d-98c0-0aefa988d92c",
      "sendType": "queued",
      "sendDate": "2022-04-18T04:00:00.000Z",
      "queueId": 8740223,
      "reason": "Nominal operation"
Error Code Description
OPT_OUT The recipient/to number is on the opt-out list
INVALID_ACCOUNT The account id, if specified, is not valid or you do not have access to it.
INVALID_CAMPAIGN The from number does not match an active, valid Line/Campaign on your account.
INVALID_FROM_NUMBER The from number is malformed or invalid.
INVALID_TO_NUMBER The recipient/to number is malformed or invalid.
INVALID_USER The specified user does not exist on the account.
INVALID_SEND_DATE The send date was improperly formatted.